Truck camper rehabilitation

The first thing I did was replace the propane burner in the refrigerator:


The truck camper is a bit of a mess, even after our heroic cleaning efforts:


Not sure why this fragment of home furniture is attached here:


My paramotor will reside where this cabinet is located, so it needs to go:


With the cabinet removed, the propane enclosure is visible intruding into the cabin:


I removed the generator enclosure below the propane enclosure and installed the propane enclosure in that lower location, so now there’s a hole in the side of the cabin:



I flattened a metal enclosure into a flat sheet and used it to cover the hole in the side of the truck camper:


Propane enclosure door installed:


The inside will need a little work, but now there’s a spot for the paramotor:


This cabinet face needs replacing:



All done:


Next up, testing and installing the solar panels:


I decided to make the panels tip-able, so I connected them together to make one tipping unit:


The water heater is broken, so I decided to install a propane-fired instant hot water heater for the shower.  Never mind the warning on the chassis:


We’re getting there!

Summer 2018, Day 13: Tire Upgrade and Radiator Repair

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise at Paramotor City:


I tried flying, but the wind kept shifting directions which foiled my launch attempts:




In the afternoon we relocated to the Chabad of Albuquerque:


I drove over to a building shared by a tire shop and a radiator shop, which was convenient as I upgraded our other two RV tires and our spare, one of which failed yesterday, to 14-ply tires so they now match the other two we upgraded a few days ago.  While that was being done, the radiator shop replaced a leaking coolant hose on the truck that’s been causing us trouble for the past few days:


Back at the RV, Trish and the kids got ready for Shabbos:


Good Shabbos from Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Summer 2018, Day 11: Tire Upgrade

We drove west, stopping at Walker Tire in Guthrie, Oklahoma to replace the RV tire with the bubble from a few days back:



The folks at Walker Tire suggested we upgrade the RV to 14-ply tires from our current 10-ply tires.  We did the switch on the rear axle since it seems to carry more weight than the front axle.

We continued west into Texas:


We overnighted at the Walmart of Canyon, Texas.  See the alternating yellow line on the trip map for today’s drive

Adding a Third Air Conditioner

On last summer’s trip, we suffered in hot locations, when even our two air conditioners were insufficient to keep the RV interior cool.  I decided to install a third generator.  The living room has a ceiling fan installed in a recessed bezel, so there’s already a hole in the interior ceiling and a 120-volt line (see stock photo below):


I removed the ceiling fan and its mounting bezel.  I then drilled four holes in the corners of the interior ceiling hole so I could identify the corresponding location on the exterior roof.  Up on the roof, I found the four holes and cut away the roof’s rubber membrane:


I then cut out the roof section, revealing the interior below:


The air conditioning unit mounts to the roof, and the air distribution module mounts to the interior ceiling:


All done:


To run all three air conditioners while driveway camping, I removed the three air conditioners’ power connections from the breaker panel and assigned an external extension cord to each air conditioner (see here for details on why this is necessary).  We then tested our new monster generator with the three air conditioners:


The generator was able to handle to load without issue.  Looks like this summer’s trip will be much more comfortable than last summer!