Adding another battery

I decided to go from one 70Ah battery to a pair of 115Ah batteries, thus tripling our power storage.  Many people recommend a pair of 6 volt batteries in series, but I decided to opt for a pair of Walmart 12V batteries in parallel.  They’re available everywhere, and come with a two-year warranty, and they’re only $100ish each.

I first removed the support tray for the LP tanks:



Next, I used the angle grinder to remove the front edge of the forward L-channel so the battery boxes could be installed lengthwise.  Here’s a mock up. 



With the LP tray all the way forward, everything just fits:



To finalize the install, I installed aluminum L-channel to support the batteries:



It’s a tight fit, but it works!



With the LP tanks so far forward, the cover actually encloses the front jack, so I had to cut an access hold to allow to cranking:


Lots of wiring to come!

More solar panels

I added three more panels to the RV roof.  They had to be mounted in a way that the mounting brackets could be screwed into the joists, which are spaced every 18 inches or so:


We now have 555 more watts of solar on the roof.  Adding brackets that allow the panels to be tilted towards the sun, increasing power production by 30% or so.  I decided it was easier just to add an extra panel.

Next I have to add the solar change controller and wiring.