Day 266: So long, old friend

Today we said goodbye to our old RV.  Jesse and Angela are excited to start making their own RV memories with their new RV!  Here’s Jesse after the hand-off was completed:


When I returned home (to BLM land) after finalizing the sale, I got to work on mounting the bike rack onto the new RV:


We’re still hoping to get on the road by Friday, as Saturday’s highs are expected to be just shy of 100 degrees.

Day 265: Ranges and Ovens

This morning I took my angle grinder to the Suburban-brand oven grate from the old RV and modified it to fit our new Atwood oven.  Now we once again have a grate for meat and a grate for dairy:


This time around, we’re a little more reluctant build a second oven into the kitchen like last time, at least for now, so I built a quick and dirty slide mechanism for the second oven to emerge from one of our basement doors, so it can be used as a kind of outdoor kitchen:


It uses the same propane connection that is used for the generator:


Here it is retracted.


Tomorrow we hope to complete the sale of the RV and move the bike rack over to the new RV.  We hope to leave Las Vegas on Friday.

Day 264: Pillows and inverters

Grandma DiAnn and Barry stopped by to see the new RV.  We had a nice time visiting, especially the part where we gave Grandma DiAnn her birthday present and M’s guess of her age overshot by over a decade.


Grandma DiAnn gave B a pair of pillowcases that her mother had embroidered:


The new inverter arrived today.  I bought a slightly smaller and cheaper one in case Camping World blows up this one as well.  I took this opportunity to modify the wiring so that I can disconnect the solar controller or the inverter or both from the battery using the selector switch.  Before, the solar controller was downstream of the inverter, so when the inverter’s 150 amp fuse blew, we temporarily lost solar as well.


We’re trying to wrap up what must be done here in town as temperatures are expected to be in the high 90s this weekend.  We also really want to get back on the road!

Day 261: Homeless, Day 3

We once again left our RV at Camping World and drove over to my parent’s house.

B tears down a broken hard drive:


After another day of cleaning, we took the RV back to storage.  Here the old RV says goodbye to my parent’s house:


We picked up our RV.  Camping World refused to replace the inverter they destroyed, first blaming me for the issue and then suggesting I lie to the inverter manufacturer, say it spontaneously broke, and ask for a new one under warranty.


Good Shabbos from BLM land just south of Las Vegas!