Day 480: Wind and More Wind

Shabbos was really windy. I was wondering why more people don’t disperse camp here and now I know why. Visibility was down to five feet at times. At least it was nice and warm.

Today we had more wind, but not as bad as on Shabbos. Tuan showed up and briefly flew his PPG trike, but he said it was bumpy so I didn’t go up. Later in the day, I reorganized the basement, and the kids did homeschool.

For all the wind and dust, I’d still rather be here than New York:


Tonight Trish and the kids drove into town. I rode my bike in, and we all went to dinner with my parents:

Day 477: Aviation Invasion

This morning, I was summoned from my room by B exclaiming “Quick tattie, a hot air balloon!”:


We then noticed that the fellow with the white truck was setting up a PPG!  I went over and said hello to Tuan, who was up in the air in no time:


Tuan flies a trike buggy PPG instead of foot launch:



Meanwhile, M and B rode their bikes around:



I decided to get my PPG put together and join Tuan in the air:




Up I go:




Birds of a feather.  Or rip-stop nylon:




Tuan filmed me from the air as he flew behind me. The video is here:

Tuan kept flying, but I had a perfect landing and then stowed my gear:




B created a shirt using batik, a process in which wax is applied to fabric to prevent portions of the fabric from absorbing dye:


The finished result:


I got in a sunset flight:



During family game time, I disassembled our Canon SD1100IS camera to try and clear out what I think is sand jamming the mechanism that extends the lens:


We didn’t have any turkey today, but we did have a great day!

Day 476: Jean Lake Camping

This morning we drove out to Jean Dry Lake, 15 miles south of Las Vegas, to set up camp for a while.  Last night only got down to about 50 degrees, and the rest of the week is supposed to be sunny with highs around 70, which is just perfect.  M and I inflated his motorcycle tires and oiled his chain.  We also installed a front axle that came in the mail to replace the one that was missing from the original crate.  So far we’ve been using a bolt from True Value Hardware, which worked surprisingly well:


We’re all alone our here:


I had the pleasure of going out for a shortish ride, seeing where the pavement ends on the roads around the lake:

We love the desert sunsets:


We’re looking forward to spending a couple weeks out here!

Day 475: The Final Push

With overnight lows in the mid-20s, we are very ready to get back to the land of warm winters.  We decided we would drive the entire 400 miles to Las Vegas today.

We stopped in Hawthorne to use a casino dump station and top off on diesel.  The town is almost completely surrounded by Hawthorne Army Depot, the largest ammunition depot in the world, covering 147,000 acres with 600,000 square feet of storage in 2,427 bunkers and above-ground buildings:


On our approach to Tonopah, we saw the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project as well as an observatory in the hills observing the town.

We stopped in Beatty for a bathroom break:


We continued south to Las Vegas, spent some time at my parents house, then drove over to overnight at the Camping World on the outskirts of town.  See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.