Day 536: Box Canyon Hike

This morning we picked up my parents and drove into town. From there we caravaned with a dozen or so other folks to Box Canyon, where we did a hike guided by volunteers from the Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association:




The hike was 3.5 miles long and proceeded at a pretty mellow pace. There was a lot of interesting information told to us by our guides. This area was one of the routes used by people trying to reach the California gold fields. There’s also a section of the canyon where the Mormon Battalion used hand tools to painstakingly carve a ledge wide enough to allow their wagons to pass.

We also found wild apricot bushes in bloom!

Looking back up the canyon:


At the end of the hike, I pulled my bike out of the truck, changed in to my biking clothes, and rode back to the RV. This side of the mountains must have received some rain recently, because the Ocotillo and the Barrel Cactus look especially healthy:


Day 533: DIY Geoglyphs

Today we hiked into the hills searching for a snake geoglyph we had read about in other RV blogs:


After a hike of less than a mile, we reached the top of the hill which had a smooth top and the snake geoglyph:


Looking back towards the RV:


We decided to create our own geoglyph in the shape of a bighorn sheep:



All done:




On the way back down, we passed several ocotillos with leaves on their branches.  They must have had rain recently to have sprouted:



This creosote bush has even flowered, though the small yellow flowers are hard to see:


It was a nice little hike: