Day 715: Going to the Dump

Well actually it’s a transfer station, since trash generated here is actually trucked or floated to landfills in other states.  The truck anchors arrived today, so this afternoon I was able to tarp and lash down the load and very carefully drive it to the transfer station.  I was considering a modification to the bike rack when I looked up an realized what a nice parking spot we have, for suburban New York:


Day 714: Keep the Data Flowing

I spent most of the day running Ethernet to one of the bedrooms.  Thankfully, each wall already had an empty box with conduit going up to the attic, so it was just a matter of running wire down the appropriate conduit and then down into the wiring cabinet, punching it down to a bridge line to the cabinet on the other side of the house, then punching down the outlet in the bedroom and crimping on a connector on the other end to plug into the router.  Tedious, but straightforward:


This afternoon I rode with Moshe and David.  Getting back to riding a few times a week like I was doing before we left town was easy, it’s the getting back in the condition I was in before the trip that’s tough:

Day 713: Yard Work and Such

After homeschool, we collected branches trimmed from trees a few days ago for loading in the truck.  M gave our neighbor a ride:


Branches loaded:


On top of the branches, we loaded debris from old construction projects:


Unfortunately, the pile is rather high, and I have no way to lash it down.  I ordered truck anchors which will allow me to lash down the load, they should arrive on Thursday.

This evening, Trish finished building her moon phases work: