Day 874: Visiting Henderson

We awoke to a chilly but sunny morning here in Boulder City, Nevada.  We repositioned the RV so the sun came through the big windows:



We drove west for half an hour to my parents’ house in Henderson, Nevada.  Waiting for us were a number of Junior Ranger badges.   When we visited Fort McHenry, they didn’t give us the correct badges, so they mailed them here:


We picked up but did not complete the Underwater Explorer workbooks when we visited the Minnesota Science Museum, so we completed them on the trip and mailed them in:


We visited White Sands and Guadalupe Mountains on our 2011 trip, but didn’t complete the Junior Ranger workbooks at that time.  We submitted them recently:




We passed through Agua Fria National Monument on Day 582.  Agua Fria has no visitor center, so we submitted this book after our visit:


We visited Vermillion Cliffs National Monument in the spring of 2014, but at the time they did not have a Junior Ranger program, so we completed the newly-available workbook recently:


After stowing our Junior Ranger booty, we went to Sababa for a late lunch / early dinner:


M was exited to find this Santa-themed Coca Cola can, since we recently learned that Coca Cola is responsible for the Santa Americans are familiar with today:


Last time we were here, M and Bubbie were the same height.  Sorry, Bubbie:


See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

Day 873: Balloons and PPG

Today after homeschool we said goodbye to Shoshana and Barak and their kids.  Thanks for hosting us this past week!  We drove northwest to Pleasant Valley Airport to get in an afternoon PPG flight.  As I was setting up, a pair of balloons did a low flyby over the airport:





Kiting the wing to make sure all the lines are untangled:


Liftoff of solo flight #59:




After landing and stowing the PPG, we drove northwest, dumping tanks and getting gas before arriving in Boulder City, Nevada to overnight at the Hoover Dam Lodge and Casino.

See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

Day 872: School and Chores

Shabbos was nice here in Scottsdale.  We had lunch with friends we made in a previous visit, and walked around the neighborhood a bit.

Today we did homeschool and caught up on things we’ve been meaning to do, like installing steel braid shielding on my PPG spark plug lead to reduce RF interference on my aviation radio:


Tonight we played a quick game of dominoes before the kids went to bed:


Tomorrow we’ll head towards Las Vegas.