Day 928: Phoenix to Scottsdale

Shabbos in Phoenix was warm and busy.  We checked out three different synagogues and made some new friends.

Today I stayed home with the kids and did homeschool while Trish did the laundry.  After she got back, we drove around the neighborhood to get a feel for where we might be moving to come the fall.

Towards sunset, we drove the fifteen minutes to relocate to the Scottsdale driveway of our friends Barak and Shoshana:


Day 926: Ak-Chin to Phoenix

I got up early this morning in hopes of flying.  The low pressure has yet to work itself out of the area, but I was treated to an amazing pre-sunrise:


We hitched up the RV, said goodbye to our fellow pilots, and drove north to Phoenix where we will be spending Shabbos in this synagogue parking lot, visiting what may be our future neighborhood:


Good Shabbos from Phoenix, Arizona!  See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.