“Our RV”, by M

While going through some boxes, we found M’s work from the creative writing course he took on The Trip.  Here’s a poem he wrote:

In the start of the year two thousand fourteen,
we saw a new RV with a brand new sheen.

We signed all the papers and we took it from Yuma,
oh how we looked on the road, as sleek as a puma.

We were the envy of all, they gawked as we did pass,
when we drove through the towns the crowds did mass.

Her name was the Avalanche, a monster of brown, black, and red,
she had seven rooms, two bunks and a bed.

The RV was small, yes, but bigger than most,
and with her we traveled from coast to coast.

We passed through the Yukon on the way to Alaska,
then came back to the states and passed by Nebraska.

We got our licenses at a DMV in South Dakota,
we stayed there one night, then away we did mota.

We we’re careful at bridges less than thirteen point six,
because if we hit the the top we’d have a lot to fix.

We passed through Monsey on our way to Maine,
fighting our way through sun, hail and rain.

We headed to Canada along the coast,
while the terrible heat made us slowly roast.