Oldies but goodies

Well, it took some doing, but I managed to add all of our pre-LookBeforeYouLive RV trips to this blog.  Just click on the menu item or sidebar item titled Old RV Trips.  We’ve got gems dating all the way back to 2009 with plenty of photos, like this sunset photo of the Grand Canyon from Day 13 of our 2011 summer trip:


I’ve also added our 2010 and 2011 summer trips to the trip map.

Were you wondering, for example, why we didn’t visit Two Guns or Meteor Crater on Day 384? Of course you were.  The answer is that we already visited these sites on the 12th day of our 2011 vacation.  Take a look, won’t you?

Day 387: Las Vegas, Day 3
Day 389: Las Vegas, Day 5

2 thoughts on “Oldies but goodies

  1. Hey Ben,
    I was wondering if you would talk a little more about dispersed camping? What does that mean? How did you find the sites to camp? I’m not sure I understand entirely what it is.

    Also – LOVED the pics from the past trips. I was only able to get through 2011 so far. The parks you guys visited look outstanding. Thanks for putting these up! I’ll check out the 2010 trip soon as well.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Hi Al,

      I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the back episodes!

      Dispersed camping is free camping on federal land. BLM and Forest Service permit dispersed camping within lands managed by their agencies unless otherwise posted. The default policy allows up to 14 days of camping in a given location before having to move 25 miles (I think) to start again. We never stay that long, so it’s not an issue for us.

      We use the Android application “Backcountry Navigator”, which shows land boundaries (with for-purchase overlays, which are about $10 per state) so we know whether the gravel road in front of us is on private or public land. There’s tons of public land in the Western half of the US, so it’s usually pretty easy to find great spots which are beautiful and secluded.

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