Day 407: Flat Out at the Bonneville Flats

We left Great Basin National Park this morning and drove North to visit the Bonneville Salt Flats:


The Salt Flats are submerged beneath an inch of water over the winter.  In the summer this water evaporates and leaves a smooth surface which is perfect for setting land speed records.  The flats are over 46 square miles in size:


‘We got the truck up to 75MPH, which felt plenty fast.  Hard to believe vehicles have been driven here in excess of 600MPH.

We also verified that the truck’s “ESC off” mode works, though it does take a bit of doing to do a doughnut in a one-ton truck.

We also took the kids for a slow ride in the bed of the pickup:




Lightning was moving in, so we got off the flats and back to the RV:





From the flats, we continued West and North to overnight behind a casino in Wells, Nevada.  See the trip map for driving details.

UPDATE: The kids produced a podcast for today’s adventure:

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