Day 434: Farewell to Jason and Carrie

This morning we said goodbye to Jason and Carrie and their kids and returned to Portland for Shemini Atzeres and Simchas Torah.   We’ve all had such a wonderful time being neighbors off and on over the last month.  It has been really great to reconnect, and our kids really enjoy each other’s company.  Trish and I were inspired by their rural homeschooling lifestyle.  Jason and Carrie also introduced us to some great family games.  The adults would play Dominion almost every night we were in Banks.  Hopefully we will meet up again on our travels!

Trish baked the challas she made yesterday:



The only downside to our great parking spot here at the synagogue in Portland is our proximity to the outdoor seating area at the bar next door.  Thankfully, the drunks usually go home by 3am.  Sleeping with earplugs makes in bearable:


Good Yom Tov from Portland, Oregon!  Our next post will be on Sunday, 10/19.

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