Day 475: The Final Push

With overnight lows in the mid-20s, we are very ready to get back to the land of warm winters.  We decided we would drive the entire 400 miles to Las Vegas today.

We stopped in Hawthorne to use a casino dump station and top off on diesel.  The town is almost completely surrounded by Hawthorne Army Depot, the largest ammunition depot in the world, covering 147,000 acres with 600,000 square feet of storage in 2,427 bunkers and above-ground buildings:


On our approach to Tonopah, we saw the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project as well as an observatory in the hills observing the town.

We stopped in Beatty for a bathroom break:


We continued south to Las Vegas, spent some time at my parents house, then drove over to overnight at the Camping World on the outskirts of town.  See the trip map for today‚Äôs drive and our current location.

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