Day 506: Smith’s Ranch at McClanahan Spring

This morning, B made a mock Chinese restaurant for breakfast.  I ordered cereal and yogurt:


My parents came down for a visit and we drove up to McClanahan Spring, the site of the abandoned Smith’s Ranch.  We could see Jean Lake below:


There’s a lot less here compared to a few years ago when an article was written about this place.  We did find some concrete foundations:



Another building probably stood here:


A low rock wall, perhaps for a garden?


Water came from McClanahan Spring on the hill and was brought down by pipe.  We found this spigot sprouting off the pipe, probably for watering the garden:


M rode his motorcycle around for the first time in weeks, as we installed the new parts last night.  Unfortunately, the throttle cable broke, so that was the end of that.  I’ve ordered a new cable which should be here in a week or so.

Good Shabbos from Jean Lake, Nevada!

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