Day 508: Farewell, Jean Lake!

This morning, we were scheduled to leave Jean Lake and start making our way towards Death Valley.  We arrived here on Day 476, so we’ve been here on and off for the last 32 days, the longest we’ve stayed in one place.  It was nice to stay put and get homeschooling and a good number of chores taken care of.  We’re ready to move on now, and this morning the thermometer told us we are making the right choice:


After a farewell lunch with my parents and restocking our refrigerator, we drove north to Desert National Wildlife Range, the largest wildlife refuge in the continental US.  We knew we would only get a brief peek at the visitor center, as we were arriving 10 minutes before closing.  Sadly, the volunteers that run the visitor center decided to go home early, so we weren’t able to get in.  The visitor center is only open from Thursday to Sunday, so we will have to come back some other time:



We drove back towards the highway and found a place to pull over and overnight.  We’re at 2,800 feet here, so it will be a bit colder here than at Jean Lake, probably getting down to 20 or so overnight.  See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

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