Adding pre-charged pressure tanks

I pulled the plywood off the bottom bunk and found plenty of space to add my pre-charged pressure tanks.  They used to be under the sofa, but now that the sofa is gone I had to put them some place.

Without a pressure tank, the moment you turn on the faucet, the pump turns on to maintain pressure in the line between the pump and the faucet.  Adding the tanks allows us to run several gallons through the faucet, then the pump runs for several minutes to fill the tanks.

Here’s how the tanks work:


pressure_tank_diagram_step1     pressure_tank_diagram_step2     pressure_tank_diagram_step3

The tank hangs on the line between the pump and the faucet, like this:



Here are the two tanks installed next to the existing water tank:


Less per capita floor space than us!
More cabinet doors for the other cabinetry

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