Day 541: Drive to Butler Canyon

Today we drove up Rockhouse Road to see how far we could get before the road became impassible.  There were plenty of spots where tire placement was important to avoid scraping the undercarriage of the truck.  At one point, Trish and Zaide held back a Desert Lavender bush so we could get through without scratching the truck:


Surprisingly, we managed to get all the way to about half a mile from where the “road” ends.  At this point, it may be passable for an ATV, but we weren’t going to push our luck:


Fancy hiking hair:


M waits for us to get going:


We hiked up the canyon for about a mile, where a wall of large boulders encouraged us to turn around.  Here we are coming back down to the truck:



On the way back, we stopped to hike down an “authorized vehicles only” road to find a water tower and manufactured home on a private inholding within the state park:


M had B photograph him fragmenting dried mud with his flying fists.  Look out, Chuck Norris:


After our action-packed off road adventure, we reluctantly said goodbye to Bubbe and Zayde who will be heading back to Las Vagas.  We got ready for our third Shabbos here:


Good Shabbos from Anza Borrego State Park:


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