Day 566: Investigating Ogilby Campground

I found out today that my PPG buddy Greg is coming out to the area for the weekend.  Greg likes to camp near the dunes so he can drive around in his RZR.  I offered to check out Ogilby campground, which is the dune field campground nearest to where we are camping.  Perhaps calling it a “campground” is a bit generous, but at least there’s plenty of room to take off:


The dunes start about 100 yards beyond the campground:


Down here, all of the BLM land on the West side of Ogilby Road is in the BLM’s use fee area for the dunes.  Once a vehicle is parked, it can be ticketed if it doesn’t have a $35 per week or $150 per year pass.  For the first mile or so along the access road on the way to the campground, there are a few private inholdings.  One of them has a mobile home on site, and there’s a sign welcoming folks to “Geezertown”.  For a donation of one’s choosing, an RV can be parked here on the 160 acre private parcel, which avoids both the BLM fee and the two week camping limit on BLM land.  The land owner, who lives in the mobile home, also operates a mobile RV sewage and fresh water service.  He also fills propane canisters.  Clever!

Today was very windy and also cool, with highs in the low 70s.  Towards sunset the shadows lengthened:


I’m hoping that winds are calm tomorrow morning and I can get in a flight.

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