Day 567: Flying, Biking, and Homeschool

This morning the winds that we’ve had for the last four days have gone, so I went for a morning flight:


Flight #36 takeoff:


It was a bit bumpy, so I decided to just fly over the area and look at all of the tiny RVs below:

In homeschool today, M did an experiment involving igniting gases liberated by mixing hydrogen peroxide with water:



B built a project involving two ICs that plays a game.  When light 4 lights, the two players each try to touch their wires together first.  If the left player wins by touching the wires together first, light 3 turns off and light 2 turns on.  If the right player wins, light 5 turns off and light 6 turns on.  If either player touches their wires together before light 4 turns on (signaling “go”), the LED segment display indicates a foul with the letter “F”.  Here, the right player has fouled, so F is indicated and the right players light 5 has transitioned to light 6 to indicate that the right player was the one that fouled:


This afternoon I rode north on Ogilby Road, it being the only paved road here.  At mile 11 or so I passed the ruins of an old structure:


Tonight we had a campfire and roasted marshmallows.  We burned the stump of one of the dead ocotillos we had harvested:




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