Day 81: Sea Kayaking and Weight Distribution failure

This morning we packed up and said goodbye to the Cher-Ae casino and headed into Trinidad to do some sea kayaking.  The shoreline here forms a natural bay, so the waves are smaller.  Even so, getting out into the ocean was a bit dicey:





We spotted a pair of harbor seals on an outlying rock:




We got a bit closer to this fellow on our way back in.  They remind me of cats for some reason:




I grabbed the other kayaks as they came in to avoid a capsize on landing from a wave coming up behind the kayak:


We had an amazing time being out in the ocean.  Our son insists that we purchase spray skirts so we can go farther out where the waves are bigger.



After stowing the kayaks, we headed south to Eureka.  We visited the famous Carson Mansion, perhaps the most photographed house in the US.  My grandfather had made a needlepoint of the mansion, so I wanted to see the real thing:


When parking in Eureka, we experienced the failure or one of the links in the chain that attaches (under great stress) the weight distribution bar to the RV frame.  There was a banging sound followed by the sound of the bar dragging on the ground, as it was no longer under tension.  I had noticed that the links were being worn down, but I thought I still had a bit of time until failure.

At any rate, we drove to the local Ace Hardware and picked the parts necessary to replace the chain on both of the weight distribution bars.  I also purchased extra hardware so I can replaced worn components preemptively before they fail.

Once we got that fixed, we dumped our sewer tank, filled up on gas, and did some shopping.  As the sun set, we drove South a few miles to Loleta, California, where we parked for the night at the Bear River Casino.

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