Day 597: Las Vegas Urban RVing, Day 2

This morning M and I drove down to our usual Las Vegas area camping location, Jean Dry Lake, so I could get in a morning flight:


Flight #46 take off:


There’s nothing to run into out here, so flying low isn’t a problem:



During my flight, I flew over a group of folks getting ready to launch R/C planes.  Joining them was aviation photographer Eric B, who was testing out a new videography accessory for his DSLR and filmed me waving as I flew by:



Since we were running up against 3 hours after sunrise, which is the latest recommended morning flying time due to thermals potentially building as the ground heats up, I only flew for ten minutes or so:

After landing, we drove over to visit the R/C plane crowd.  M had fun with Eric’s dog, which was quite large:



Barry and his friend flew a variety of planes:






This afternoon I went for a nice ride in the hills of Anthem. I’m waiting to receive a new clip for my cycling shoe, as I broke one mountain biking in Sedona, so my foot pulled out of the pedal half a dozen times on the ride:

Later this afternoon we moved the RV over to my parents’ synagogue, where it will be parked for Shabbos.  Unlike curbside parking at my parents’ house, we can put out our slides here, but there’s only one circuit for the building’s exterior outlets, so we will have to make do with just one air conditioner.  Hopefully it won’t be too hot.

Good Shabbos from Las Vegas!


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