Day 659: Skate Park and Gap Filling Foam

Today we visited a local skate park.  M received some great scootering tips from another boy at the park:


While the kids and Trish were doing homeschool, I was finishing up mouse-proofing the RV.  There’s no way to seal up the basement level, as the slides actuate into and out of the basement, so those holes can’t be plugged up.  What I’m trying to do is isolate the basement level from the living level in the RV.  This mostly involved filling gaps around water and sewer lines that come up from the basement behind cabinets.  In some cases, the holes were much larger than they needed to be:


The vent pipe went through a huge hole in the wall behind the kitchen cabinets, so I cut out a large piece of scrap wood, glued it to the wall, and filled in the remaining gaps with foam:


We will see what happens, hopefully the mice will get bored and leave instead of hanging out in the walls now that we’ve locked them out of our house.

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