Day 698: Getting Ready for Tour De Simcha

This morning Ben tested out using wider tires with our bikes for off-road use.  To allow the wheel to rotate, he had to cut off the outermost knobs of the tread pattern:


Ben also went for a ride today with Moshe:

Today was spent anxiously awaiting our departure for the hotel to officially register for Tour De Simcha 2015. We both took time to give our bikes a final tune-up, including swapping out B’s off-road  tires for her road tires.


We arrived at the hotel around 6 pm and went through the registration process.  Volunteers were spread around the large meeting room to assist us with our welcome packets, fitting our jerseys, and entering any donations we received in the last few days.  In addition to our registration packets, we received an amazing package of goodies meant to introduce us to the products that would be available at each rest stop along the route.


After checking our bikes in and settling in our hotel room where we joined our friend C, we headed to the pre-ride pasta party.  The dining room was decorated with plenty of TDS themed balloons and was filled with hundreds of people and a huge buffet of delicious foods to choose from.  As we were waiting in line, we noticed the TDS homepage was being displayed on two large screens at the front of the room.  In real time, we could see the total donations continue to increase.  While we were eating, the entire room erupted in cheers and screams when the total reached $500,000!  Together, the 126 women and girls riding in TDS 2015 raised over a half million dollars for Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special.



B and C having a great time at the pasta party:


We couldn’t resist taking a couple of mother/daughter selfies:



The highlight of the evening was listening to our honorary TDS captain, Arianna, speak to us about her journey.  She concluded her speech with a wonderful song about doing things (even difficult things!) with style.  Her infectious smile and incredibly positive attitude made a big impression on all of us.


B and C were lucky enough to have their picture taken with Arianna after the party:


Somehow we all need to settle down and get some sleep tonight.  Our alarm will be going off at 4:30 tomorrow morning!

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