Day 751: Truro to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Today we left the fairgrounds in Truro and drove south to Dartmouth, where we did laundry.  We had to park about five minutes walk from the Laundromat and carry our laundry back, which was not so much fun.  Trish and the kids did homeschool in the RV while I did the laundry.  After lunch, Trish made Shabbos dinner and I went for a bike ride.  The route took me by some pretty lakes:


After I returned, we moved the RV to the Walmart in Dartmouth for Shabbos.  This will be our first Shabbos in a Walmart parking lot:



Good Shabbos from Darthmouth, Nova Scotia!  See the trip map for today‚Äôs drive and our current location.

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