Day 807: Harley-Davidson Factory Tour

This morning, we didn’t really know where we would spend Shabbos.  I was surprised to discover that several towns in the area have synagogues, so we called Degel Israel in Lancaster, PA and were invited to come for Shabbos.  We drove west to Lancaster and dropped off the RV at the synagogue.  We then drove west to York, PA, home of one of Harley-Davidson’s factories:




Tricia’s shoes didn’t pass muster for a factory tour, so we had to drive over to the nearest Walmart to buy a pair of shoes.  Now Trish and B have the same shoes:


Before the factory tour, we toured the museum:



In the factory, there are five production lines that the motorcycles pass through as they’re being assembled.  This is what the motorcycle looks like at the end of the first line:


…and at the end of the third line:


A variety of models are available for sampling.  I’m not a motorcycle guy, but Trish insisted on a photo:






Harley-Davidson doesn’t allow photographs on the tour.  We saw huge steel presses that form fenders out of a single sheet of steel, robotic welding machines, the painting area, the road test machines, and the packaging area where fifteen motorcycles are loaded into a semi trailer on specialized steel pallets.

After the tour, we returned to the RV where I helped build the bonfire for the post-Shabbos event the synagogue is having as part of a nationwide program by The Shabbos Project:


I went for a ride this afternoon by the farms around Lancaster:



Ready for Shabbos:


Good Shabbos from Degel Israel in Lancaster, PA!  See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

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