Day 116: Natural history museum and community Chanukah party

The end of last week is a bit of a blur. On Thursday we had our first Thanksgiving dinner in over a decade. If a hankering for turkey and stuffing should appear in November, we will have our big turkey dinner on Shabbos, not on a Thursday. Apparently in Las Vegas things are done a little differently than in New York. We had a wonderful time with my brother and his girlfriend and kids, my uncle and his wife and cousins, and my cousin’s girlfriend and her son.

Friday was spent at my parent’s house getting ready to reposition the RV to the Rabbi’s house. Shabbos is the community was nice, and this morning my brother and his kids headed back to Minnesota.

After that, we met Grandma DiAnn and her husband Barry for a trip the local natural history museum. The museum had an eclectic collection, including this rock fish in the marine room:


There were quite a few representatives in the mammal room:


The highlight of the trip was our son getting to hold a tarantula:


After the museum, we visited the local community Chanukah party. The kids painted ceramic trivets to be fired and returned to us later this month, and we stuck around to watch the mayor light the ice menorah:


It’s a welcome change to be in shirtsleeves at night in December!

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