Day 841: To the Bolivar Peninsula

I noted this sign this morning next to the RV in the Walmart parking lot.  Is this such a common problem that this specific law is required, and signs have to be posted?


Louisiana, land of cheap diesel.  I guess it helps to be close to the refineries:



We crossed into Texas:


We made our way down to the Bolivar Peninsula, a barrier island immediately east of Galveston Island.  High tides coupled with stiff onshore winds piled up the waves, completely submerging the beach and over-washing the highway:


We now understand why they build houses on stilts here:


The plan was to disperse camp on the beach, which is legal here, but at this end of the island as well, there was no beach above water:




We drove back east on the peninsula to a fishing inlet area that allows overnight parking.  We’ll re-evaluate what to do tomorrow.

See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

Day 840: Gulf Islands National Seashore
Day 842: Fleeing the Bolivar Peninsula

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