Day 874: Visiting Henderson

We awoke to a chilly but sunny morning here in Boulder City, Nevada.  We repositioned the RV so the sun came through the big windows:



We drove west for half an hour to my parents’ house in Henderson, Nevada.  Waiting for us were a number of Junior Ranger badges.   When we visited Fort McHenry, they didn’t give us the correct badges, so they mailed them here:


We picked up but did not complete the Underwater Explorer workbooks when we visited the Minnesota Science Museum, so we completed them on the trip and mailed them in:


We visited White Sands and Guadalupe Mountains on our 2011 trip, but didn’t complete the Junior Ranger workbooks at that time.  We submitted them recently:




We passed through Agua Fria National Monument on Day 582.  Agua Fria has no visitor center, so we submitted this book after our visit:


We visited Vermillion Cliffs National Monument in the spring of 2014, but at the time they did not have a Junior Ranger program, so we completed the newly-available workbook recently:


After stowing our Junior Ranger booty, we went to Sababa for a late lunch / early dinner:


M was exited to find this Santa-themed Coca Cola can, since we recently learned that Coca Cola is responsible for the Santa Americans are familiar with today:


Last time we were here, M and Bubbie were the same height.  Sorry, Bubbie:


See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

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2 thoughts on “Day 874: Visiting Henderson

  1. Guys,

    Thank you so much for posting pictures of your junior ranger badges. I have been following you for awhile. I love the pictures of your park visits and your junior ranger badge pictures help me keep up with what’s new out there.

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