Day 907: Borrego Springs to the Salton Sea

With the PPG fly-in coming up later this week and a wind storm with 85MPH gusts moving in this evening, we decided to return to our dispersed camping location at the Salton Sea.  We first drove out to Font’s Point, which I flew over on Day 904.  Better photographs were captured when we last visited here on Day 183 and Day 190, since the visits were in the afternoon near sunset, but we decided to take some photos today anyway:





The badlands cover a vast area between here and the Salton Sea:



After going into Borrego Springs to return our library books, we hitched up and drove east to Salton City, where we dumped and filled up our water before arriving at our camping location.  Trish crocheted more booties today:


Thanks to the storm, which will reach here albeit with gusts only reaching 50MPH, we were treated to this rainbow:


Day 905: Borrego Springs, Day 3
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