Day 933: Flying and Biking Concho

This morning I drove out to the “neighborhood” where we checked out property yesterday, hoping to fly.  At 6,400 feet, the air is pretty thin, and with hardly any wind I had a hard time launching.  After six failed launches, I finally launched flight #96, but only after running for what seemed like forever, at one point gaining a few inches of altitude and then settling back down to continue running.  Once I did takeoff, the rate of climb was very low even with the engine screaming at maximum power. 

By the time I successfully launched, it was coming up on three hours after sunrise, which is the end of the safe flying window due to the potential for thermals.  The air was a little bumpy and seemed OK, but I played it safe and landed after just a few minutes.  The whole point was to see what it might be like to fly from land we might buy here, so it was worth the effort:



Trish did some blow art today:




B tried it as well:



I went for a ride this afternoon, breathing hard in this oxygen-poor air:


Good Shabbos from Concho, Arizona!

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