Solar controller and inverter wired up

Most of the wiring from the battery to the solar controller and inverter is in place now. I still have to run a ground wire from these two devices to the chassis of the RV, and bring down the wiring from the solar panels. Note the ridiculously large fuse between the solar controller and inverter. It can handle 150 amps!

The wiring from the battery to the inverter is 2 gauge, so it’s about as thick as someone’s finger and pretty tough to bend into the shapes needed for the installation. I used thick wire like this as the inverter draws about 90 amps when running the microwave oven.

We ran a quick test by running the output of the inverter into the AC cord of the RV, and we were able to run the microwave oven off battery power via the inverter. Success!


Mounting the solar controller and inverter
Wiring up the new solar panels

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