Day 947: Line Repair and Cycling

This morning I went out to fly.  My first launch attempt failed, and in the process of taking off the motor I hurt my back, so that was the end of that.  I did notice a problem with one of my lines, so I took my wing over to Michelle’s shop.

Michelle was working on a wing that ended up in the prop:


The sheathing on one of my lines was damaged.  We pulled the sheathing apart to check the Kevlar core of the line: 


The core is good, so I’ll be saving the line as a spare.  Michelle made a new line for me and showed me how to install it.  Thanks!

I went for a ride this afternoon which included a visit to this massive radar dome:


While I was gone, Trish and B made a cake to celebrate yesterday’s 100th solo flight:



Good Shabbos from the Paramotor City Glider Shop!

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