Day 984: Hampton National Historic Site

We had a great Shabbos with our friends Avi and Debbie and their kids.  Thanks for hosting us!

This morning, we drove just a few miles over to Hampton National Historic Site:


This site preserves the estate owned by the Ridgely family for seven generations, from 1745 to 1948. The mansion was the largest private home in America when it was completed in 1790:


Next to the mansion is the icehouse:



We visited the Ridgely family cemetery on the grounds:



The mansion looks the same from the front and the rear.  This symmetry is a trait of the mansion’s Georgian Architecture:



The kids completed their Junior Ranger workbooks and received their badges:


We continued north, crossing from Maryland into Pennsylvania:


We eventually entered New Jersey, then New York.  At last we arrived at the freeway exit for our house:


See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

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