Assateague Sukkos 2016, Day 1: Back on the Road!

Presumably you know by now that after the end of the trip, we initially decided to move to Phoenix, then decided to stay in New York.  This is the first time the RV has moved since the end of the trip!

Today we got up early and cleared our driveway at 8:30AM.  We drove south, stopping in New Jersey for cheap propane.  We continued south to Assateague Island National Seashore.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself “Haven’t you visited Assateague Island a number of times in the past?” Why yes, yes we have.  Those trips are listed on the All RV Trips page.  Assateague was our favorite pre-trip East Coast RV destination, and we spent time here in the winter of 2009, fall of 2009, fall of 2010, and fall of 2011.

This time we arrived in the afternoon.  We parked the RV at an angle so our windows would be facing the trees, not our neighbor’s RV:


Good Shabbos from Assateague Island!

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