Day 160: Errands in Tucson, Why reposition

The town, of Why, AZ, that is.  But let’s do this in order.

This morning we ran errands, including dumping tanks, buying thermistors for an Arduino project, getting gas, buying another drill battery for raising and lowering our corner jacks, and buying alligator clip leads at Radio Shack.  We then did laundry before heading West towards the afore mentioned Why, AZ.

Enroute, we passed Kitt Peak, where the Mayall Telescope building and the ARO Radio Telescope could be seen on the ridge:


After reaching Why, we headed South briefly to reach Gunsite Wash BLM camping area.  Gunsite wash is typical BLM land where dispersed camping is allowed, but abuse of the site caused BLM to install a camp host and turn it into a supervised BLM site. 

Another 20 miles down the road is Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, and five miles beyond that is the Mexican border.  We plan on visiting the Monument tomorrow.  See the trip map for details.

Day 159: Whipple Observatory, Cat 1 climb to the MMT
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