Day 166: The Quartzsite Shows

This morning we did homeschool.  Our son is playing a game that was programmed by our daughter in Scratch:


After school, we drove into the show area.  We first visited the giant tent that housed the lifestyle and RV show.  This is one of three isles that extended the length of the tent.  The tent was something like 100 feet wide and 1000 feet long:


We wandered amongst the hundreds of RVs for sale.  In addition to this location, seven regional dealerships set up temporary local branches for the month or so that Quartzsite is the most busy:


This week is the “sell-o-rama” show in the Tyson Wells area.  We walked past hundreds of booths selling everything from RV parts to apparel:


After the show, we went back to the RV.  Here I’m looking towards the crowd of RVs that extends for about a mile to highway 95:


Tomorrow, we will visit the other shows in Quartzsite.

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