Summer 2022, Day 52: First Flight in Illinois, Lincoln Home NHS

Dawn at FlyPPG in Fowler, Illinois:


Flight 143, first in Illinois:



The motor went lost power for a few seconds mid-flight.  I thought I was going to land out, but power came back, so I came back and landed.

Admiring the crops:


I packed up and continued east to Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Springfield, Illinois:



The Lincolns purchased this home in 1844, two years after their marriage and sixteen years before Lincoln was elected president.  It is the only home the Lincolns ever owned:


Touring the house:



I had arranged to fly with a group of pilots at Wilbur Wright’s birth home in Indiana, but winds were too strong, so I continued East to overnight at the Cracker Barrel of Sunbury, Ohio.  See the trip map for today‚Äôs drive.

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