The 2024 Eclipse

I really enjoyed the 2017 Eclipse, so I decided to drive up to Marcy Field in the Adirondacks to take in the 2024 eclipse.  The next eclipse in the continental US is in 2044, so…

There were so many people along the path of totality:


Setting up one of the two telescopes I used:


Like last time, amazing:


The best view was actually with the naked eye in the context of the surrounding landscape.  Just amazing!

I had never been to the Adirondacks, so I decided to do a hike/trail run nearby:


Heading up in elevation, the trail quickly became snow-covered:


Lots of melting snow:



The drive back was ridiculously long, as what seemed like the entire population of the Eastern US drained out of the Adirondacks and adjoining areas.

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