Day 202: Ride to Red Rock Canyon and Back

It’s been a little over a week since my last bike ride, so I decided to ride from my parents’ house to Red Rock Canyon, around the scenic loop, and back.  On the way there I rode for a few miles with Vince, who works at the Bellagio in the evenings.  Sounds like a great schedule for a cyclist!  His Sworks Tarmac was making me a little jealous, I admit.

The scenic loop through Red Rock was beautiful:




On the way back, the sun highlighted the mountains when I looked back towards Red Rock:


I passed the Blue Diamond gypsum plant:


As well as a group of wild burros at roadside:


It’s a good thing that it was downhill most of the way home, because I was suffering by mile 60.  In the end, it was a bit more than 70 miles with a good bit of climbing:

Day 201: Visiting Red Rock Canyon
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