Day 235: Previewing the Inevitable

Shabbos at Lake Meade was nice, but a bit crowded for our taste.  On Friday, we found out from one of the dealers that sells the Avalanche 360RB that another buyer in Las Vegas had just purchased one.  We contacted Steve, and set up an early Sunday viewing in North Las Vegas.  Rather than trundle out of Government Wash early Sunday morning and wake everyone around us up, we left Saturday night and drove to the Walmart of North Las Vegas to overnight there.

We awoke to a good view of our overnight neighbor, whose bus and truck were festooned with messages of repentance, some of which made more sense than others:


Steve picked us up and took us on the tour of the Avalanche.  It confirmed that this was the RV we wanted, which was a relief as we had already put down a deposit on one!  We stopped at home depot where we saw evaporative coolers for sale which made me consider a daring RV modification that Tricia would never let me get away with:


My brother David and his kids had flown in for our Death Valley adventure, so we drove back to my parents house where the cousins promptly began playing with fire, albeit in a controlled setting:


Tonight we drove North from Las Vegas towards Death Valley and overnighted on BLM land along the way.  See the trip map for details.

Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By
Day 236: Death Valley, Day 1

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