Day 243: Picking up the new RV!

We left my parent’s house at 5am to insure that we arrived at the border by 11am for B’s filling appointment in Los Algodones, Mexico:


Quite a bit more is available over the counter here:



Next we drove to Country Club RV to pick up our new RV!  Here we are hitching up our 2014 Avalanche 360RB:



The kids wait inside the RV until we’re ready to leave:


Here we go!


We stopped for dinner in Arizona on the way back and captured this blurry portrait of our new monster.  More photos coming soon!


When we returned to Las Vegas, we dropped off the new RV on BLM land, then went back to my parent’s house and brought the old RV here too.  We finished up at 2:30am, 22 hours after we woke up.  Tomorrow we will start moving our belongings across.

Day 242: T minus 1 day to new RV
Day 244: The transition begins

3 thoughts on “Day 243: Picking up the new RV!

    • We bought the RV in Yuma, AZ, which is right across the border from Los Algodones, Mexico, where we did our dental and vision appointments.

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