2 thoughts on “Day 246: New RV modifications, Day 2

  1. Wow, that was a lot of posts you added today, and the latest post is still 2 weeks ago – so more reading yet to come! Thanks for the great reading.

    What’s the difference between a Fifth Wheel and a Travel Trailer? Is the only difference the location where you hitch the trailer to the truck (truck bed hitch vs. ball hitch)?

    Will you have to do big mods to supply water pressure on Shabbos?

    Regards to the family. Hope you had a great Passover.

    • Hi GS, yes, the main difference is the attachment point. Since the fifth wheel’s pivot is above the rear axle, any potential sway from the trailer would have to push the rear axle sideways, which can’t really happen. On the old trailer, the mount point is behind the rear bumper, so trailer sway acts on a lever whose length is the distance from the ball to the rear axle.

      Towing both RVs with our new truck, the 12,700 pound fifth wheel tows far better than the 4,300 pound trailer, so it really does make a big difference. Plus with the new unit there’s no wight distribution bars or anti-sway bars to attach, so everything goes so much more quickly.

      Yes, as of 4/29, we have moved over the pressure tank, though this time I only did one instead of two. We may add the second one at some point in the future.

      Hope you had a nice Pesach too, please say hello to the clan for us!

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