Day 271: Into the Sierras

Today we drove down to Lone Pine.  Not a bad view from the visitor center parking lot:


After doing a bit of shopping in town, we headed up Whitney Portal road and pulled off into the Alabama Hills were we found a nice dispersed camping spot.  The views from here are incredible:



One of the front landing gear tubes was splitting, so I cut off the last inch or so to stop the split from running all the way up the tube.  Here’s the piece I cut off, notice how the tube is “unzipping” at the corners:


With that piece cut off, the tube looks good where it attaches to the landing gear plate:


Did I mention the amazing views?



B is learning about polls and surveys in math class.  Trish put her survey question on Facebook, and B graphed the results:


We installed the kids’ homemade tables, and also installed the hanging furniture under the bed.  We will be installing a tension rod on the underside so the kids can hang up their clothes there:


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