Day 286: Like Reagan Said, “Tear Down this Wall”

This morning we left the Atlantis Casino and drove to Lowes in Reno.  Part of our new RV selection process was to only consider those floorplans that could have the rear bunkhouse converted into two bedrooms.  For that to happen here, M will have to go through the kids bathroom to get to his room.  That means we need a door from the living room to the bathroom.  Sadly, the medicine cabinet and vanity are in the way:


Right now the bathroom is accessed through this door to the bunkhouse.  Since this door will only go to B’s room, we have to put a door in the wall to the left so that M can enter his room via the bathroom:


The first step was to get the vanity and medicine cabinet off the wall:



There we go:


Next, I cut out the wall:


Since Reno doesn’t allow overnight parking in store lots, we repositioned to Carson City, Nevada, and overnighted at the Walmart adjacent to a Home Depot.  I intend to finish the bathroom door project tomorrow.

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