Day 289: Slow Road Through Gold Country

After home school we drove South from Placerville on California 49 towards New Hogan Lake.  The road has an advisory for trailers more than 30 feet from kingpin to axle, but we’re only 26 feet, so it wasn’t so bad.

After filling our water at an Army Corps of Engineers campground on the North side of the lake, we worked our way around to this lovely spot on the South side of the lake.  Its much hotter in California’s central valley at 400 feet of elevation than it was in Carson City, that’s for sure.  Tomorrow’s forecast is in the low 90s, so we did our best to maximize the amount of shade we will have.


Our reason for being here will be revealed in the coming days.  Good Shabbos from New Hogan Lake, California!  See the trip map for details.

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