Day 312: A Run for the Border

This morning we played with Zander a bit before we left.  Here he is pondering the implications of a mobile lifestyle:


Bubbles with B:


Trish took many more photographs of our visit, hopefully they will soon appear on Tricia’s blog.

Continuing North, we passed the stately Capitol dome in Olympia and then skirted the SeaTac metro area to the East, stopping briefly in Mercer Island to stock up on what might be our last opportunity to purchase kosher meat for the next couple of months.

Online sources showed a 45 minute delay at the two I-5 border crossings, so we headed due North to cross at Lynden, Washington, which had a 20 minute delay:


Crossing with our passport cards went fine, but handing in our firearm transit form resulted in an extra 30 minute search of the RV while we had to wait in the customs office.  I would think they would want to more carefully search those who do not declare their firearms, but I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

Welcome to Canada, land of six-dollar diesel!


After a brief stop in Vancouver in which we inadvertently did a bit of damage to the WiFi Antenna with some low trees, we continued on to the Walmart of North Vancouver to overnight, arriving a bit after midnight.  See the trip map for details.

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3 thoughts on “Day 312: A Run for the Border

  1. I was thinking the whole time while reading your blog, how safe are all these remote places that you guys stop at. Now I see you take care of that :-)

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