Day 314: Extended Door Clasp and Expensive Yellow Diesel

The door clasp that holds the RV’s door open is too short because we have a mezuzah mounted to the door frame and the door collides with the mezuzah before it is fully open. The solution was to buy a length of toilet fresh water supply pipe, cut the door clasp in half, and shove the two halves into either end of the pipe. This allowed me to extend the class by about 10 inches:


Leaving the Walmart at Williams Lake, we stopped to fill up on diesel. I had to triple check the pump since in the US diesel is always the green handle, but here it’s yellow, and green is for unleaded:


At a bit under $6 per gallon, it’s no surprise that our first gas station visit in Canada set a new record for the most expensive yet:


On the way out of town, we stopped at the local tourist center.  We picked up many pounds of brochures.  The center had this car on display, they look like they’re ready for fun:


The theatre showing a regional promotional video was quite authentic:


You could also pretend to be having outdoor adventures:



M loves fishing:


We did laundry today, so we got off to a late start. We drove about 3 hours north to Prince George, British Columbia, where we are overnighting at the Walmart here. This is the last town we will see before we head west on the Cassiar Highway  and reach Yellowknife in the Yukon. See the trip map for details.

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4 thoughts on “Day 314: Extended Door Clasp and Expensive Yellow Diesel

  1. That price is Canadian dollars, right? So, really closer to $139, but still a big number for a fillup.

    Enjoy Canada. Make sure the kids don’t mistake Canadian dollar coins for Chanukkah gelt chocolates :)

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