WIFI and cell antennas on a telescoping rotating mast

Some time ago, I removed the television antenna from the telescoping rotating mast on the top of the RV and installed in its place a directional cellular antenna. We tested it up in the Catskills in a location where my cell phone by itself got no signal, and when we raised the antenna, aimed it at a tower, and powered up the booster, we went to four bars on the cell phone. The mast is raised by cranking a handle on the inside of the RV, and rotating the mast is accomplished by turning a rotating bezel that is on the outside of the handle.

Today I added a wifi grid antenna to the mix, the image and video below show it in action. In order to get them all to fit, I kept the cell antenna in its mounting bracket but mounted the WiFi antenna directly to the mast so that they both lay flat when the mast is lowered:


Here’s the video:

If you don’t laugh heartily when watching the video, you can’t call yourself a geek!

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