Day 335: Back to Fairbanks

We stopped at the gas station in Coldfoot before driving back down the Dalton Highway to Fairbanks.  The Post Office here is only open 3 days a week for four and a half hours:


We stopped by the interagency visitor center in Coldfoot, the largest building here.  The kids received their Junior Ranger badges for Gates of the Arctic National Park which we passed yesterday on our drive up to Deadhorse:


On the way back to Fairbanks we had a flat tire.  I changed it at Gobbler’s Knob.  The nice thing about dual axle RVs is that the good tire can be driven up onto a ramp which lifts the flat tire off the ground.  I did still have to use the jack to finish the job:


We stopped again at the artic circle wayside for a photo:


Looking North towards Coldfoot:



Crossing the Yukon River:


We arrived back at the Lowe’s in Fairbanks a little bit after midnight. See the trip map for driving details and our current location.

Day 334: Visiting the Arctic Ocean
Day 336: Tour de Fairbanks

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