Day 339: The Elusive Mount McKinley

True to its reputation, Mt. McKinley was not easy to spot.  It’s hiding somewhere in the clouds:


We saw it clearly while driving down the highway, but by the time we pulled over it was concealed again.  This the best I could do, it’s the large white mass in the center of the photograph:



Continuing South, we arrived in Wasilla and visited the Iditarod headquarters.  Sled dogs pull tourists on a wheeled cart around a short track in the summer:


Tonight we’re overnighting at the Walmart of Wasilla.  I found some time to diagnose and fix our rear stabilizers, which refuse to come down with either the motor drive or the manual override.  I suspected the motor was seized, and indeed that was the case.  The solution was to remove the motor entirely, which at least allows the screw drive to spin freely so the stabilizers can be raised and lowered manually:


Yup, she’s done:


See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

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